Testing ActivityPub II

Doing yet another test. I’m wanting to see if the plug-in acknowledges my settings and if actually puts in a clickable link. I don’t want users to have to copy paste the blog link. That’s barbaric lol

Oh in other news my Volt decided the 12-Volt battery was no longer needed and that was replaced over the weekend. However I’m posting two pictures, the first one is the correct Volt HUD/instrument cluster.

Volt standard HUD, displaying battery charge/discharge meter, and engine power meter. Also showing in the center current Engine temperature, current speed, battery gauge and fuel gauge.

This second image is the Cadillac ELR cluster that it loaded after being jump started. Wild to think they were lazy enough to have one computer with two sets of code. They could have made it even easier by implementing screen size detection to determine which firmware loads. Or they could have made it all one size with HUDs that could have incorporated the design elements they wanted for the Cadillac and only offered those fancy HUDs on the Premier model.

Improperly loaded Cadillac ELR HUD. No battery or fuel gauges but is otherwise configured the same as previous HUD image.

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