About Me

Please allow me to introduce myself….

My name is Charlene, and I work in IT as my career of choice. I currently am a Technical Support Specialist, wearing a multitude of hats.
My only formal credential is Apple Certified Macintosh Technician, however I have many skills that can be demonstrated.

  • Built and currently maintain a ProxMox server running 5 VM’s, 4 Debian based, one is for Home Assistant. Will link a post about the specifics here.
  • Also maintain the wireless network using Unifi equipment, running my own controller docker container.
  • I have written a number of PowerShell and bash scripts to assist with various tasks both professionally and personally.
  • I have used macOS, Linux, and Windows extensively and have a basic understanding of BSD derivatives.
  • I take security and privacy seriously, and advocate for proper segmentation of user privileges at all levels.

As for my personal details…

  • I currently run RHEL 9 on my Framework laptop.
  • I actively advocate for open source software when appropriate.
  • I believe in the right to repair.
  • I support the LGBTQ+ community.
  • I believe in human rights.