As promised, a posting

So I have received most of my gear (the main server is still in limbo) and I decided to start setting up the primary infrastructure.

When I tell you I encountered more bad cables and potentially broken parts (admittedly one of them I never really tested when I got it) today than I thought I ever would… but some of it also falls under “Stupid Admin Chronicles”

So I was wondering why my DNS was broken. I ran around changing cables and rebooting the router server and on and on and on… only to realize I didn’t plug in the LAN connection for the V-Bridge side, I just plugged in the pFsense ports and thought that was good enough apparently. The lesson here is always check the simplest things. Despite having made similar mistakes before and even then not busting myself back to basics to make sure I didn’t skip a simple thing is something that I still apparently do. So another lesson here is not matter how long you’ve been in the game (whatever that is for you) you can still make a rookie level mistake and it’s ok. We are only human, and we are not perfect.

That said, I have the basics done. Router is working, DNS is working, Unify controller is up, and is running. I just need to test the second POE injector (I didn’t test it before, or if I did, it didn’t matter then as I had a POE switch I used.) with something else to verify it’s dead Jim. If it is, I’ll borrow an injector from a friend and then begin looking for a replacement switch that is managed and also POE capable but hopefully fan-less or at least quiet.

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