The Great Server Migration – Syllabus

So this post is a post where I’ll gather all of the parts together and eventually make the title match the number of posts I create detailing this project.

The reason for this endeavor are multiple, but I’ll try to be brief:
1) Simplifying the AD setup: I had two Samba AD’s, and I didn’t need that level of redundancy anymore. Mostly did it as a “Look what I can do!” originally, and it was needless complications.
2) I’m replacing my blade with a tower to make the setup quieter, and I would prefer to eliminate any extra moving parts in the process.
3) I’m going to take a spare (lower power) server to an offsite location for both VM backup/High Availability and data backup of ZFS pools. I have all of this running on ProxMox and it’s running smoothly. I want to make sure all of my data is safe and available in the event of the main server going offline for the following reasons: Power outage, software corruption, hardware failure, Dane Cook committing to a B&E and instead of just kicking the door down decides to actually steal my server instead. (I’m old, and I want ketchup on my Whopper. And the pickles.)

The first post for this project is going to cover how I set up Bind9 DNS in the cloud to handle an internal dynamic dns setup I want to have for the floating servers and ensuring that hostnames resolve to the currently active server. I’ll post that tomorrow.

Part 1 will be posted tomorrow, bookmark this page for the link.

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