Installing WoeUSB-ng on RHEL 9

I had a moment where without going to any of the Windows devices in the house or the macOS device I needed to write a Windows ISO for a machine that wouldn’t boot the Ventoy USB stick I have. Specifically a mid-2007 iMac. Going to use it as a demo device for something specific that needs Windows and I don’t need it to be super fast, just good enough to get the point across. It was also free and saved from the recycle pile. Anyhoo. I had to use something and WoeUSB-ng would not install via pip or compile from source because I needed python3-wxpython4 and RHEL’s repos do not have it. So I had to go pull it manually, and here is the line to do that:

(I'm a dipstick, and I re-used a code block, so I've lost what I had here. I'll fix it later.)

This likely won’t be a post that is needed in awhile but here it is for the duration.

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