Last post testing ActivityPub.

Alrighty, this is the final post in testing this. The main thing I noticed in enabling the plugin is that it will toot when the post goes live, very handy. Also if someone comments on the post over on Mastodon, it will come over into my portal on WordPress to have me approve the comment here as expected. That is a nice touch.

That said, my only real “complaint” is that when it does make the toot, it doesn’t make the perma-link clickable. Not sure if that is a Mastodon thing, or the plugin. However, I did notice that upon clicking on the additional options button (I’m not sure if it’s a menu button, or what that actually is…) and you hit ‘Open Original Page’ it will take you straight to the blog post. That’s really all I needed from it, is the ability to make it easy for me to post on my blog and have it land on Mastodon. From there, I can boost the post and hopefully over time get this to have a little bit of traction.

I’m going to set a featured image as a part of this last post testing this out as adding a featured image after the fact does not do anything to the already tooted post. The image is a blue Apple logo.

Blue Apple Logo
Blue Apple Logo

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